The yacht fight

In spring in Hydra organized yacht fight from the Pan-Hellenic Group of Sailing of Open Sea which announces in advance the summer time, usually on the day of March 25. Corresponding match made and in October and even coincide and that the national holiday of October 28th. These 2 games are the big events that opened and closed the season.

Easter in Hydra

Hydra traditions are strongly and so the island offers an Easter different from those who you will have experienced. The procession of the epitaph is in the district of Kamini. The epitaph here enters the sea where the read the Lamentations, creating a solemn atmosphere that is enjoyed every year hundreds of visitors. Then four epitaphs found in harbor. As for Easter Day, Judas "hanged" is on fire after being punished by the weapons of the locals.

Miaoulia and Kountourioteia

The Miaoulia celebrations are dedicated to the naval action of Andrea Maiouli during of liberating fight. They are carried out each year in the end of June and consist of a series of celebrations that last two weeks. The central theme is the re-enactment of the battle and the part time that torched a large frigate. The reenactment is done at night at the Harbor entrance.
As for Kountourioteia, are the celebrations for the anniversary of the death of the first President of the Hellenic Republic, Admiral Pavlos Kountouriotis. It is a six day program of talks, screenings, exhibitions, book presentations and sporting events. The events become round 21 August.

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